Since years the handle of my favorite pan was kind of loose. The pan just flipped around if only the handle was used. The pan is made of cast iron. That means it is heavy and it gets really hot. Because of this unpredictable loose handle the pan had to be used with even more care.

It annoyed me but I had no really idea what to do. And to be honest I really did not spend much time to solve it. I just accepted it.T

Today I have fixed it just by playing around (turning the handle into the pan with different tools ..) and I am really happy and kind of proud! Maybe it sounds a bit weird but I have to share it anyway. Finally I can just ist it without any second thought and special caution.

Big message for me:
“I can change/fix it, even I have lived with it for a long time. The result is is worth the effort of trying over and over again. I am worth it to take up the process over and over again. Growth takes time and needs time and space.

Breakthrough with a little help from my favorite pan
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